Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sighs and Wonderful Music

*Sigh*, no school tomorrow. *Sigh* I'm feeling really tired. *Sigh* I have a headache. There are way too many times in this school year so far where I'd have to take a really deep *sigh*. I hate it! Sighing is sad and depressing and it makes me sad! Have you noticed most meaningful and deep songs come from real stories and events in that artists life? Have you ever felt like you have WAY TOO many *sigh*s to handle? Well, take a moment, think about why you really are *sigh*ing and try to fix that. If it's something emotional that you can't fix try writing or composing a song or a lyric. It's always fun to fiddle around with words or take real events and make them into song-worthy words. Try it, I promise it's great. It may be frustrating at first but it'll put your *sigh*s to a rest! I've been too busy lately to post but luckily tonight I have zero homework (holiday and no school tomorrow so yeahh). I'll try to post more! See you! And quick *sigh*ing!!

Strum Along,


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